Meeting the Other on High Street

Last Sunday I spent some time with the folks from Armadale Baptist Church, looking at what is going on in their neighbourhood. We met at the statue called The Sun and The Moon, on High Street, close to the town hall.

The statue shows a male figure and a female figure who appear to be either meeting or confronting each other. The artwork was considered quite controversial when it was commissioned in 1989. The artist, Paul Juraszek, was inspired by Greek mythology, in particular the characters of Apollo, Diana and the Minotaur.

The previous Sunday we had spent some time together looking at the gospel story of Jesus and Jairus, and the woman who interrupts them. (Mark 5:21-43) We spent some time revisiting this story in different locations along High Street. This is a story of encounter or confrontation between men and women, the kind of thing we see depicted in The Sun and The Moon. I found it interesting that this kind of encounter was also being depicted in a more recent mural on the side of one of the businesses:

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