Noise for focus

The last couple of weeks I have been working on an essay, which I have just submitted. However, I had a few days where I found it really difficult to write anything. I often find it fairly hard to concentrate on writing. When we have got guests staying at the house there is often a bit of background noise if I am trying to work at home, but even at times like the present where we don’t have any guests I find my own thoughts a distraction. One of the things I have found helpful in blocking out distractions – whether auditory or completely within my mind – is playing soundscapes like the one I have posted above. I started off listening to these soundscapes when I had trouble getting to sleep because my mind wouldn’t stop. I found that the constant sound of heavy rain or thunderstorms filled my mind and allowed me to quieten my own self-talk so that I could gradually fall asleep. I’ve found it can have the same effect when I really need to focus on getting some work done. The constant and steady sound envelops me, blocking out the noise of what is going on around me, but also blocking out the internal noise of my own self-talk, and allowing me to focus on the task at hand.

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