Transformation through cooking


Tomorrow I’m running a short workshop at the Kathleen Syme Library in Carlton, as part of the September TAG Day. (TAG stands for ‘teach anything good’.) In my workshop we’ll be looking at how cooking can transform not just our food, but also our relationships. We will do some actual cooking, but the focus will be more on the way we think about what we’re doing when we cook. If you think about it, cooking for someone is quite and intimate activity. We’re working with materials, often using our hands, that will enter into a person’s body and become part of them. That’s a very close relationship – especially considering that many people who are employed to cook do not even meet the people they are cooking for. I think this relationship is important where I live at the Indigenous Hospitality House because we as Colonist people are often cooking for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander guests. We are two groups of people who have been in conflict, but the cooking brings us into close relationship. (Don’t get me wrong, often it is still awkward!) It’s also been particularly significant for us as Colonists when our guests have offered to cook for us, and nourish us.

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