Ordinary learning

As I mentioned earlier in the week, I’ve just started doing the University of London’s ‘What Future for Education’ course through Coursera. I’m hoping that by doing this course I might be able to learn to become better at teaching, particularly in informal settings rather than in the classroom. One of the ideas that has already been presented is the idea that we aren’t always conscious that we’re learning. Sometimes we we might decide to do a class or seek another’s expertise in order to learn, but we also learn as we’re going about our everyday tasks. When I do laundry or cooking at home I have particular ways that I’ve learnt to do those tasks. When I hang out the washing I sort the items first so that the job of folding them will be easier later on. I don’t know when I learnt to do that – I must have just tried it one time and decided it was worth doing it that way. We’re always learning things outside the classroom, but I wonder about whether we can be more attentive to opportunities for learning in our ordinary everyday life.

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