Pokémon GO and re-enchantment of space

A few days ago I wrote a short post about Pokémon GO, and I have been reflecting further on the game. I have noticed some folks saying, ‘It’s sad that people need a game to get you them outside, exercising and socialising.’ I wonder about why it is that some of us need a reason to go out, exercise and socialise? Might it be because in our society the outdoors had become an empty, meaningless space? One of the things I think Pokémon GO is doing is re-enchanting users’ experience of place. When a user walks around their neighbourhood there is suddenly something more, something magical, something invisible to the naked eye going on. I think that street art can have a similar impact.

I also think that we can experience something similar by mapping the stories of the neighbourhood, by paying attention to the stories of our neighbours, by learning the history of the places, and by paying attention to the stories being told by our architecture, monuments and advertising.

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