Everyone in my newsfeed is saying the same thing*


It often seems as though everyone in my newsfeed is saying the same thing.
Sometimes it is almost word-for-word.
Since the United States election last week it seems like everyone in my news feed has been saying the same things. I wouldn’t have been surprised if everyone in my news feed was anti-Trump. But it concerns me that everyone in my news feed seems to have the same opinions within the vast possibilities of anti-Trump opinions (eg. that it’s wrong to have a problem with Clinton, that it’s wrong to ‘empathise’ with ‘white’ working class people, even that it’s wrong to wear a safety pin to try and saying that you’re a ‘safe’ person). Does that mean that there are people with other kinds of anti-Trump opinions but I’m not seeing them, or that they feel like they can’t say them without upsetting others? (I know that’s one of my concerns, particularly as someone in another country who won’t have to deal with the immediate consequences of a Trump presidency.)
I suppose that what I am wondering about is whether in the political circles that are often labelled ‘progressive’ or ‘leftist’ we may losing our ability to disagree with each other. That makes me wonder what hope we have of being able to invite others in. Tight boundaries of doctrine make it difficult to invite others in. I think I understand why so many people in my news feed are upset to hear anyone say they should be empathising with the ‘white’ working class. However, I do think that something is wrong if a ‘progressive’ or ‘leftist’ movement is not attractive to the working class (whatever their race) or is not seeking to invite the working class in (whatever their colour). I think that if we’re not able to invite all kinds of people in to join us we will see more people getting being extreme right wing politicians like our Pauline Hanson and the United States’ Donald Trump.


*This is an exaggeration.

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