Toxic loyalty

I think a lot of good things can become problems when they’re misplaced. Today I’ve been thinking a bit about loyalty. I think loyalty is a good thing when it’s dedicated to the people in our lives – family, friends, comrades. But loyalty becomes problematic when we dedicate loaylty to institutions. Institutions can be useful tools for organising and maintaining our relationships with others. But for the same reason they can also become confused with the people involved, to the point where we treat them like people. When we confuse institutions with people and dedicate loyalty to them they can become idols that we sacrifice others (and ourselves) to. I need to acknowledge that I’ve made that mistake before. Insitutions can be useful tools, but they don’t have real minds, wills or feelings of their own and they don’t need our loyalty or our love.

What is the most important institution in your life? How healthy is your relationship with it?

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