Anti-PC is political correctness gone mad!

This should be my last post reflecting on 2016. This year seems to have been the year that anti-PC sentiment really came into its own. The catch cry of this movement seems to be ‘This is political correctness gone mad!’ Other themes seem to be a disbelief in trauma triggers and a disdain for safe spaces. (I have to note that I have some skepticism about trigger warnings and I think there are limitations to safe spaces, but I also don’t want to rubbish those ideas if folks find them helpful.)

What I find interesting is that the anti-PC folks seem to be just advocating for another kind of political correctness. I noticed this most in this article from The Spectator, ‘We need to talk about Waleed’. It sounds a bit like Magnusson is saying he needs commercial television to be a safe space where he won’t be triggered by brown, Muslim academics. He feels for our elected leaders, who need news programs where they won’t be interrogated by real journalists, like they are on the ABC.

Sounds like political correctness gone mad!

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