Anyone need a random plant table?


One of the reasons that I like playing Dungeons and Dragons and running games for others is because it creates opportunities to experiment creatively, and often in ways that I don’t expect. For example, in the games I’ve been running as a dungeon master we’ve had one player whose character is a druid. Naturally ( 😉 ) he’s often wanted to know what kinds of plants are growing in the forests or gardens that the party are passing through… and unfortunately I haven’t been able to give an answer.

Today’s a public holiday over here, so I’m running a short adventure with our party this afternoon. I’ve prepared a table for generating random plants so that I can hopefully have an interesting answer when our druid asks what is growing in the mountains. I thought I’d post it here and see what others think. I’m just posting it in the form that I will use it today, so let me know if anything is not clear. I made the file on NaturalCrit’s HomeBrewery, and you can find it here.

* * *

Yesterday I kicked off my Patreon page, where I’m publishing RPG monster illustrations for my backers. Check it out here: 

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