Monstrous consumption

You might start noticing a pattern in my posts… I’m trying to get into a rhythm so that I’m posting daily. At the moment I’m trying out posting RPG monster illustrations on Sundays, but who knows that might change…

This is a ghoul that I drew for an adventure we played last Monday. I’ve been gradually going through the short Adventurers’ League stories from Tyranny of Dragons, and in this episode we needed some ghouls.

A week ago when I posted my kobold illustration I said that I think fantastical or horrific monsters actually tend to be a way of talking about mundane human experience. I think this is the case with ghouls. In D&D and Pathfinder ghouls tend to be associated with gluttony and cannibalism (eg. elves or humans whose hunger for flesh turned them cannibalistic). Cannibalism isn’t exactly something I’d call mundane, but there are more subtle ways that humans prey on each other too aren’t there?

* * *

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