Can Christians recognise the opportunity of pluralsm?

There’s been a bit of talk recently about Mark Zuckerberg ‘finding religion’, after previously being reputed to be atheist. This article from MSN came up in my newsfeed this week. I saw that the response from a couple of Christians was to point out that Zuckerberg seemed to be avoiding talking about which religion was true. There were references to Zuckerberg’s engagement with Buddhism, Judaism and Christianity in the the article. Their attitude seemed to be that if Zuckerberg is only ‘interested’ in religion it doesn’t mean anything.

I think Zuckerberg’s ‘interest’ in various religions is part of a common trend. A lot of people around our age are less interested in aligning with one particular religion, but are interested in what they can learn from various religions. I think the important question is, will Christians recognise the opportunity this presents, or will we be distracted by the question of which religion is true?

* * *

I also think it’s worth watching this video where Russell Brand talks about Zuckerberg’s engagement with religion: 

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