The gray ooze and the unnoticed cleaner


On Sundays I’m posting RPG monster illustrations that I’m making for adventures I run. I’m also posting the files for my backers on Patreon to use in their own games:

Today’s drawing is of a gray ooze. This is the kind of monster that adventurers are likely to find in a cave underground, but it’s often quite difficult to spot. Often it will just look like a puddle or a wet patch of rock. One of the classic signs that there’s a gray ooze nearby is that the floor of the cavern will be super clean, because oozes feed on grime and mould.

The gray ooze reminds me a bit of my experience as an office cleaner when I first moved back to Melbourne in 2005. I’d work at night, normally unnoticed by the other workers in the building, making sure they had a clean and pleasant working environment.

Are there people in your life that often go unnoticed?

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