Response to ‘Kindly remove your belongings’

I recently found this note attached to someone’s belongings in the city:

Dear owner
Kindly remove your belongings
Any unattended personal belongings will be removed after 2 hours from the time of this notice.
This notice is given at 12:30pm on 6 January 2017

I can understand neighbours in the city being frustrated by the presence of people who are having to sleep outside their property. It’s inconvenient for people who are trying to run a business or offer services to have someone sleeping outside your doorway. However, I don’t see the long-term point of moving people on. If you move someone on, aren’t you just moving them into another neighbour’s space? And since there are so many people without somewhere to sleep, wouldn’t you just be vacating the space for another person to come and sleep there? It seems to me that our efforts would be better spent hassling our politicians to provide public housing.

What do you think?

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