Mindless zombies

On Sundays I’m posting monster illustrations that I’ve made to use in RPGs. A couple of weeks ago I posted a drawing of a ghoul, and today I’ve posted a zombie. You might well ask what is the difference between a zombie and a ghoul? I’d say the main difference (at least in D&D) is that a zombie is virtually mindless. A zombie does the bidding of its master without thinking. as the 5th Edition Monster Manual says,

A zombie might stumble into a fast flowing rover to reach foes on the far shore, clawing at the surface as it is battered against rocks and destroyed.
(Monster Manual. 315.)

Of course the strength of zombies is that they normally come in large groups and can overpower adventurers by their large numbers.
Something that I think zombies can lead us to ask about our human experience is whether we’re we’re paying attention. Are we aware of how we are spending our existance, or are we mindlessly striving toward senseless ends?

* * *

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