Moving humanity down the food chain

Each Sunday I’m publishing a monster illustration I’ve made for use in tabletop roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder. You can download the files and use them in your own games if you back me on Patreon:

Today’s drawing is of a carrion crawler. I guess you could think of a carrion crawler as a kind of giant centipede. What I find interesting about carrion crawlers (and many of the other enlarged creepy crawlies in D&D) is that they reasign our characters’ place in the food chain. Humanity tends to presume that we are in charge. We presume that we will dominate the environment and our fellow creatures, adapting them to our purpose. However, monsters like the carrion crawler will treat adventurers as just another wild creature to prey upon, paralysing then and dragging them away to eat later or depositing eggs in their bodies so that their larvae will have something to eat when they hatch.

I think the carrion crawler can remind us that the world is not as tame as we might like to think. Do you ever feel like you’re at the mercy of wild, uncontrollable forces?

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