Humanity as gardeners

Over the school break we haven’t been receiving guests, so that we could have a rest. Today we opened again, so we’ll probably have people staying again during the week.
In order to get ready to receive guests again we had a working bee on Saturday. I don’t normally do much gardening from week to week (I do more of the cleaning) but when we have working bees I often get to do more of the gardening. On Saturday I started off doing some weeding, but I spent most of the morning cutting the grass. I appreciated the opportunity to do some gardening. Even though I live in the city I appreciate the small opportunity to work with nature.

I think gardening is an opportunity to stay connected with our primal origins. In the Abrahamic creation mythologies the first humans are described as gardeners. It seems (to my understanding) that cities were able to develop because of humanity learning to grow and cultivate plants. Our cities are still dependant on farmers to provide us food, but often we live without them in mind, and it seems as though our urbanised society doesn’t value their contribution.

I wonder whether a regular practise of gardening could be an opportunity for city people to be reminded of our dependence on farmers?

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