Response to John Dickson on Australia Day

A few days ago, my friend Scott asked me if I had seen this post from John Dickson, and asked what I thought of his suggestion about the national holiday:


From my perspecvtive it does sound like a pretty good suggestion. However, I think that whatever we do, we need to resist the urge to quickly rush into finding a solution. I think we need to do some reflection and discernment as a nation about what our national story is and how it shapes our values and culture. (I think one of our problems as a country is that we don’t know what our culture is or what we are on about, what we are working towards together.) I think we need to see what comes out of that practise. I don’t expect that process will be led by the government because the government lacks leadership and imagination. I think that if that work isn’t done, a new date might could possibly not honour First Peoples, as is John Dickson’s concern.

If we start doing that reflection and discernment, I expect people will try different things out, which might look different in different places. I think that’s already starting to happen. Lets see what emerges.

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