Learning from other people’s bad hospitality

We like to get away from the city for a bit when we aren’t hosting hospital guests, so last week Mehrin and I got out out of town. This time we had an experience which might be a bit similar in some ways to our guests’ situation.

We were enjoying being away and having a break until the day we were about to leave. Some other guests arrived who just didn’t respect the place. If they had been staying at our house in Melbourne we’d say they weren’t respecting the peace of the house. They were arguing really loudly throughout the day, which you could hear through the house. When they weren’t arguing they were sharing their music really loudly through phone speakers so everyone could hear. Our hosts weren’t present and didn’t respond. They might not have had any idea what our stay was like that day. We left pretty early in the morning…


What this experience drives home for me is that we need to be active and aware of how our own guests are sharing and experiencing our place when they stay with us. People are staying with us because they have medical business in the city, and that’s already unpleasant enough. If they’re also having to share the house with other guests who aren’t respecting the peace, it can make the hospital business so much more difficult. We’ve got to be on the front foot making sure our guests know what to expect and we’ve got to be present promoting the peace ourselves as well.

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