#DungeonDrawingDorks February 1-7

I’ve been enjoying the daily #DungeonDrawingDudes challenges and its been great to see how everyone else is approaching them. The best place to have a look is on Instagram. A few weeks ago I noticed four artists were making challenges for each other, to draw various creatures from Dungeons & Dragons, and that’s developed into a daily challenge that’s open to everyone:


(In recognition that ‘dudes’ is generally understood to be gendered language, I’ve also been using #DungeonDrawingDorks.)

Here are my first week’s worth of contributions:

1. Sentient Weapon


2. Kenku Druid


3. Xorn

4. Gnome Druid

5. Rakshasa Sorcerer

6. Gynosphinx

7. Ice Giant

I’m open to commissions if you’d like me to draw monsters or adventurers for your game. Send me a private message or email me – christop@gmail.com

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