A game that could go either way…

I first heard about Cards Against Humanity in articles from people who were offended or traumatised by the content of some of the cards. For that reason I’d held off playing for a long time, and to date I’ve only played played Cards Against Humanity twice.
I’d say the first time was very awkward and unpleasant. I think it’s safe to say that on that occasion Cards Against Humanity was brought out intentionally to make a particular person uncomfortable… (Actually, the targeted person didn’t seem particularly phased…)
I’d say the second time had some awkward and uncomfortable moments… but overall it was a good bonding experience, and I think it opened up some deep conversations after the game.
So I sympathise with both the folks who are horrified by Cards Against Humanity and those who reckon we should lighten up and see what the game brings up. Overall I would say you need to know what you’re getting into with the group you’re playing with and whether it’s a good group to play with. Unless you’re pretty hard to offend you’ll probably find at least some of the cards and their combinations confronting.
Have you played Cards Against Humanity? What was your experience? Would you recommend or not?

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