The shadow in D&D and psychoanalysis

Each Sunday I’m publishing a monster illustration I’ve made for use in tabletop roleplaying games like Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder.

This week I’ve drawn a shadow:

In Dungeons and Dragons, shadows are undead creatures that are particularly drawn to good creatures. The 5th Edition Monster Manual says,

A creature that lives a life of goodness and piety consigns its basest impulses and strongest temptations to the darkness where the shadows hunger.

Shadows basically attach themselves to good creatures and feed off their suppressed wickedness, sapping their strength and physicality in the process.
This seems similar to the psychoanalyst Karl Jung’s idea of the shadow archetype. In Jungian psychoanalysis the shadow represents the parts of our personalities that we don’t want to recognise. Often (but not always) these are more negative attributes. We’re normally unconscious of our shadows.

Are there any aspects of your own personality that you find hard to recognise?

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