Why I love drawing with a tablet

I often move around between different places in carlton and the city as I work. On Friday morning I was working on some illustrations at the café in the National Gallery of Victoria. A bloke came up to me who had just been to see the David Hockney exhibition. He was saying that this was how David Hockney works. He’ll quickly draw something on his tablet or his phone and send it off to a friend as soon as it is finished.


That is certainly one of the things I like about drawing on a tablet. It’s really easy to share bits of work as I go. While i’m working on something I’ll often post snippets of the work in progress on my Instagram account. It’s also really easy to send finished pieces off to clients, or show them where I’m going with the work and get feedback.


Another thing I find drawing on a tablet is that I can do much cleaner work. I don’t have very steady hands. When I was drawing with paper and a pen I’d often do wobbly lines and ruin my work. On a tablet, using an app like Sketches Ink (which I use for my linework) I can generally undo mistakes as long as I don’t leave it too long.


The other thing is that I’m a terrible painter. I just can’t make paint behave as I want it to. But using Sketches Pro (the app I use for colouring) I can draw as though I’m painting with watercolours, and if I’m not able to paint within the lines I can erase the overflows.


The final reason why I love drawing in a tablet is because it’s incredibly cheap. After paying for the tablet itself I don’t need to pay for any art materials. The fact that it’s also really quick to draw with also means I don’t have to charge clients very much.
So how would you like to commission me? If you’d like me to work on something for you email me at christop@gmail.com

(This afternoon we went to see the David Hockney exhibition ourselves. I’ve been inspired to try out Brushes, the app that Hockney has been using in his recent work.)

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