Remembering the Temple of the Screaming Electron

On the weekend a friend posted this article about 4chan and Donald Trump. I was never a 4chan user, but for part of the same era I was a TOTSE (Temple of the Screaming Electron) user. (I know some TOTSE users were also 4chan users and would refer to 4chan.) TOTSE doesn’t exist to any real extent anymore, but my experience was that it was a place where you could talk about anything. It started as a place to access text files on different topics, including some controversial topics related to drugs and weapons. However, what I really appreciated was I just loved the fact that on the TOTSE forums you could find somewhere to talk about pretty much anything. I found the wide range of contributions to threads was a real eye-opener to the diversity of human experience and opinion. These days it seems like online space is much more settled into segregated ghettos.

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