A couple of weeks ago I bought a little bit of clay, but I didnt do anything with it.

On Sunday I spent some time with the children at Church of All Nations, making sculptures from plasticine, and I’m now considering why I hadn’t used the clay since I bought it.

One of the things about clay is that you have to work with it physically, you have direct contact with the material, unlike most forms of drawing. The clay or plasticine or play dough will often have your fingerprints left in it and you’ll normally end up with some of the material left on you too.

Something that comes up in the mythologies of a lot of different cultures is the idea that human beings were made out of clay. I think that idea requires the creator being getting personally involved with their creation, and putting their mark on humanity. I wonder if it leaves room for traces of humanity to be left on the creator’s hands too?

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