Common work and Labour Day

Today is Labour Day, when we celebrate the achievements for workers rights. In March 1856 stonemasons downed tools and walked off the job in Melbourne. They refused to return until their bosses had agreed to better working conditions, including an eight hour standard work day (some workers were having to work up to 14 hours per day), sick pay and holiday pay.

This evening our household is taking time to reflect on work and rest.

I’ve been reminded that working together creates rapport. It bonds us as a community. I don’t think you can make community out of a bunch of people wanting to be community – you need to have some common work. In my old workplace we’d try to regularly do common work together after meetings. Often it would involve fixing things, painting walls or cleaning areas that were hard to get to. It may not have always been super effective or efficient, but it bonded us as a community when we practised it.

On Friday our household did similar at our. Our property manager ken came over and we spent the day repainting window frames. Other times in the last year we’ve done more general working bees. When we’ve cast the net wide for people who wanted to help we’ve gotten a lot done together and we’ve had something to celberate together when it gets to lunch time. Its very satisfying being able to sit back and see what we’ve gotten done.

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