One week of Dungeons & Dragons over Twitter

A week ago I started trying out running Dungeons & Dragons over Twitter. I’ve been wanting to try out running D&D without much planning, using ideas detailed in The Lazy Dungeonmaster. Because I was using Twitter’s quiz function it took a little while to get going, but it’s underway now.

Last Saturday I asked what classes we should have in the party, and on Sunday I asked what races the characters should have. We ended up with a tabaxi (cat person) monk, a half-orc paladin, a gnome artificer and a human sorcerer. (The results were tied for the artificer’s and sorcercer’s races, so for each I chose one of the more conservative tied options.) I think on Monday and Tuesday I did some work developing the characters. I wrote up some character sheets and drew some illustrations:

As I said, I’ve been trying to work with The Lazy DM‘s suggestion of not preparing much. (I think it is also possible to plan even less when it is over Twitter, because when I’ve been asking particpants for directions, the polls have had a 24 hour deadline. That means there’s plenty of time to figure out what the results of the possible choices might be.) One of the book’s suggestions is just preparing three directions that the adventure could go in a session, and I tried that out.

In order to prepare three possible directions I opened some virtual Magic: The Gathering boosters using Bestiare and had a look for a few of the cards to see what could be good adventure hooks. (I chose boosters from the Return to Ravnica block, because I thought they should fit with the theme we’d chosen.) I saw a card depicting some guards standing around a corpse. I saw one card showing of a thief breaking into a building. I saw a card depicting a giant, carnivorous houseplant. These images became the seeds for the three directions I chose to offer the party.

When I asked which adventure path the adventurers should take, we had a tie, so I nodded to one option and then had the party follow the other option.

I inserted the monster that I’d based on the carnivorous plant card – there were three carnivous plants smashing their way into an adjacent flat looking for food.

I was pleased to see that the winning response was probably the most sensible: feeding them rations rather than trying to fight.

If you want to join in, the thread is over here.

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