Frozen flame elemental

On Sundays I’ve been posting monster illustrations I’ve made for Dungeons and Dragons games I run. For the last few weeks it’s been monsters I’ve made or adapted, so I’ve also been including stat blocks. Today’s monster is a frozen flame elemental that I’ve made for the adventure I’ve been running over Twitter. You can download a PDF of the stat block, along with a bit of background, here. Let me know if you have any feedback.


2 thoughts on “Frozen flame elemental

  1. To me, his resistance and vulnerabilities do not make sense. Why would a piece of ice, as it seems this creature is in the picture, be susceptable to thunder of all things? Also, there is literally no reason for him to be resistant to all mundane damage sources (S, P abd B). Tools made to chip away at ice are piercing. I would say vulnerable to P, but resistant to S and B, and leave thunder out of it altogether.


    1. Yeah, piercing makes more sense than slashing and bludgeoning. With thunder, I was thinking that thunder damage might crack the ice. Does that make sense?


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