‘Nothing about us without us’

I’ve just watched this video (it’s a Facebook link, but it should still work if you’re not a Facebook user) of Idil Ali from RISE: Refugees, Survivors and Ex-detainees speaking at the Palm Sunday rally on the weekend. I had trouble hearing most of the speakers from where I was. But I think she was also saying earlier on that all of the speakers at the rally should have been refugees. (If I misheard or if it was someone else, please let me know.) This year there were more refugees speaking than the previous year, so I was initially thinking that Ali was asking a bit much by expecting that all of the speakers should be refugees or asylum seekers. That’s what I said when Beth asked me yesterday what I thought.

But as I thought about it more later, I realised that it shouldn’t seem like a big ask. If all of the groups that are represented have refugees or asylum seekers involved (and I’m pretty sure they do) it shouldn’t be hard for them to let a refugee or asylum seeker from their group represent them.

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