Plesiosaurs and milk demons

On Sundays I nromally post an illustration I’ve made for the Dungeons & Dragons games I run. Today’s is a plesiosuarus, which I made for the short adventure I ran on Monday’s public holiday.

Most of the adventure involved lizardfolk, and I realised that a lizardfolk shaman could summon a plesiosaur, which would pose a pretty serious challenge. At the end of the encounter, one of the players said, ‘We killed Nessie!’

I had a look into the history of Loch Ness Monster sightings, which have in modern times been described as similar to plesiosaurus. The earliest report, recorded in the Sixth Century CE, tells of St Columba visiting encountering a ‘water beast’ and rebuking with the sign of the cross it when it threatened one of his followers. The same text, volume two of Vitae Columbae, describes the Irish monk exorcising a demon from a bucket of milk. Could this be an idea for a new D&D monster?

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