My enemy’s enemy is my friend?

On Easter Monday I ran a short Dungeons & Dragons adventure, Drums in the Marsh, which I mentioned last week.

What I found interesting was the question of who you can work with. If you have a good charcater can you cooperate with a evil character? (I touched on this when I was talking about nonviolence in D&D.

The series of adventures deals with the Cult of the Dragon, who are trying to summon Tiamat, the god of evil dragons. In this particular adventure, a black dragon who is part of the cult has deposed a lizard king and taken over leadership of three lizardfolk tribes. The dragon, Thostugrael, was making the lizardfolk raid nearby farms to work out which tribe’s chief should be Thostugrael’s representative among the lizardfolk. During the adventure, the players disovered that the lizard king’s successor Bogclaw was still around, getting ready to try and taken back the throne. The players had to work out whether they were okay with helping Bogclaw, knowing that lizard kings and queens tend to get their power from a demonic patron. Even so, with Bogclaw in charge, the lizardfolk would probably stick to their marsh, rather than raiding farms or helping summon an evil dragon queen…

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