Myconids and the illusion of self

On Sundays I normally post some illustrations I’ve made to use in roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons. I’ve started asking folks to vote onm Twitter about what I should draw, and today I’ve drawn some myconid sprouts:

Myconids are vaguely humanoid, fungal creatures that live in communities beneath the earth. Sprouts are the youngest members of a myconid community. Myconids don’t speak, but communicate by exchanging spores. Through these spores they can meld their minds into a communal consciousness. Myconids see this kind of connection as the purpose of their existance. Their selfless, collectivist mindset means are often happy to shelter adventurers who are exploring the Underdark.

A few years ago I spent some time learning about the teaching of the Buddha. My understanding is that he taught that the self is an illusion – that we create artificial boundaries between our selves and others, between ourselves and our environment. Much as that concept blew my mind, it’s not easy to keep in mind. If we want to be conscious of our interconnection with everything else, I think we need to make intentional time to reflect on it and observe the connections.

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