Twitter D&D needs planning too

A while ago I started a kind of collaborative D&D adventure on Twitter. Initially I was saying that it was really easy to run. I was saying that because there’s just a little bit happening each day I don’t need to be doing much planning.

However, what I’ve found after a while is that over time it does need more planning. As time went on and the whole thing started to loose it’s immediate novelty, it started to become harder to stay motivated, and as soon as things got busy (with intense periods of study and work) it dropped off. (I probably should have seen that there was a busy time coming up and planned for a break.)

I wondered how much easier it would be if I actually did some planning for the adventure. On Sunday I wrote up a short plan for where I thought the adventure could go during the week, using some of Sly Flourish’s suggestions from The Lazy Dungeon Master. I wrote just a few notes on where the adventurers were starting off this session, three directions they might head in, what three important non-player characters were up to, and what I expected would happen next. Having this clear but basic plan made it much easier for me to post something form the adventure almost every day this week. This weekend I’ll update it so that I’ve got some clear possibilities for next week.

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