Valley of Eternity: The Hunt

Valley of Eternity is a tabletop roleplaying game about existentiaslist penguins. I had my first attempt at running it tonight at Games Lab. Players make penguin characters who have set themselves apart by standing up the the many predators that prey on penguins – skuas, seals, orca. Or they may make an antipenguin character – a penguin who has completely rejected the norms of respectable penguin society and embraced the evil power of the glacier. It’s expected that most penguin heroes will either die, become antipenguins or at least be rejected by their community because of how they’re changed.

It was a lot of fun in its absurdity. We had a lot more combat than our group usually does. It may have also been really unbalanced, or we may not have been using the abilities correctly, so I’m going to have to go back and check the rules before playing again. We ended up with two of our original player characters being killed, and the survivor being rejected by his community because he had become like the skuas he had gone to fight.

Here are some illustrations I did to use as miniatures in tonight’s game. (We used all of them except the squid.)

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