Here’s the Chant: revisiting Phandalin, earthy elves and a boat mimic

I haven’t written any D&D roundup posts for a few weeks. Actually, I haven’t written much for a few weeks! I ended up a bit exhausted and needed to rest, and I was also away at Lake Mungo for a little while. I think I’m not ready to get back into regular posting. So here’s a roundup of content related to roleplaying games, particularly Dungeons & Dragons.

For dungeon masters and players:

For dunegon masters:

  • ‘Dealing with Difficult Topics in RPGs’ Tribality – this article looks at how to handle topics that players may not want to explore – particularly by using a session zero to establish a social contract between your gaming group
  • ‘Artifacts of Primordial Power’ Kobold Press – a few magical items infused with elemental power
  • ‘How much setting detail is appropriate?’ RPG Knights – this blog entry looks at how you can get bogged down by too much detail about your roleplaying game setting
  • ‘Memorable Villains’ The Yawning Portal – this post shows how you can build up anticipation in the lead-up to introducing your main villain
  • ‘Bosses that Don’t Suck’ Monster Manuel – this article looks at how you can make sure your boss monsters are deadly but not unbeatable
  • ‘New Elves’ Trollish Delver – this article presents a fresh, earthy take on elves
  • ‘Examining Phandelver: Side Quests’ Merric’s Musings – this blog post looks at the side quests in D&D 5th edition’s introductory adventure, Lost Mine of Phandelver. I’ve recently been running In Volo’s Wake, which also takes place in the frontier town of Phandalin, which creates an opportunity to reuse some of these subplots.
  • ‘Lonely Boat’ Nerdarchy – this article looks at how to use a mimic disguised as a boat – pretty much like the pirate’s mimic I drew earlier in the year: 
  • ‘Creatures of Commander 2017 in D&D’ Kor Artificer – this article presents stat blocks for some of the creatures from Magic: The Gathering‘s upcoming Commander set
  • ‘Sewers and Cesspits’ Elf Maids & Octopi – here are a couple of extensive tables you can use to generate random items or encounters that adventurers might find whule exploring sewers
  • ’10 Stormy Events to Enhance a Battle’ Raging Swan Press – this article suggests running combat during a storm, and includes a table of ways that a storm could effect the battle

Content I’ve recently published:

  • ‘Running Vault of the Dracolich’ – on Saturday I was involved in running Vault of the Dracolich with a team of dungeon masters at Games Laboratory, and this is my reflection on the experience
  • ‘Brushing up on Basic D&D Rules’ – being involved in running a D&D event was a good incentive to get clear on the basic rules. This is a summary of what I needed to brush up on.

One thought on “Here’s the Chant: revisiting Phandalin, earthy elves and a boat mimic

  1. Honor to be included in this roundup. Hope it helps other storytellers create memorable campaigns. I would welcome discussion on what i touch on as well as other tricks from other storytellers if anyone is interested.


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