Here’s the Chant: Phantasmagoria, Off the Table, magical corruption

I’ve recently been getting back into the habit of posting a roundup of D&D and other roleplaying game content each Wednesday. Here’s this week’s roundup:

For players and dungeon masters:

For dungeon masters:

My recent content:

  • ‘Total Party Kill’ – last week I ran a one-shot where two level one characters ventured into the jungles of Chult…
  • ‘Poverty or Subsistence?’ – in the same one-shot the adventurers also visited the community of Malar’s Throat, and I wondered if the community was actually poor or just outside the cash economy
  • ‘Player Death’ Off the Table part 1 part 2 – on Friday I joined a discussion with some other DMs about the role of death in D&D
  • I’ve also been working on some icons for a new tabletop roleplaying game from Owlman Press called Phantasmagoria. Here are some of the ones I like most so far: 

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