A merry Kranglemas to all

Tonight at Games Laboratory we ran a Christmas themed adventure. We started with the same premise: a village of drow artificers in the frozen north, about to celebrate Kranglemas – the longest night of the year. The patron of this sacred day is Krangle, who delivers radioactive crystals to bad children and toys to good children. The crystals turn children into aberrations and the toys are actually automatons who kidnap the good children to work in Krangle’s mines. A half-orc called Grinchen is trying to thwart Krangle’s plans by stealing the presents before they are opened.

Running this adventure was a lot of fun. My table spent some time carolling, and eventually ended up drinking and singing in the street with some rowdy drow.

One of the most memorable player characters was a halfling warlock whose patron was always reminding her of how small she was. The halfling had developed a very obvious insecurity about her height. When she opened her gift from Krangle it turned out to be one of the radioactive, green crystals and it turned her into a gibbering mouther. She was very pleased, because this meant she was now the largest party member.

Later on, when they were trying to find Krangle’s mine, they found a magical stone door, which the mouther decided to eat her way through. I decided that eating a magical door should have some kind of magical effect, to I had her roll on the wild magic surge table. The result was that if she was killed in the next minute she would be reincarnated. So when the centaurs who were sheltering behind the door trampled the gibbering mouther, she was reincarnated as a dwarf. She felt short again, so she asked the centaurs to trample her again, and she reincarnated as a dragonborn.

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