D&D and other gaming

I’m interested in gaming (particualrly roleplaying games, and particulalry Dungeons & Dragons) for a few reasons:

  • playing games is a great excuse to stay in touch with people
  • roleplaying games help us learn to tell stories and reflect on them
  • games help us learn to think creatively in order to solve problems


Join us to play Dungeons & Dragons

For the last year or so I have been running some short adventures with a loose group of players at Games Laboratory in Melbourne. We’ve had a few consistent players, but we’ve had a lot of people (often new players) just join us for one session. If you’re in Melbourne and would like to join us some time, send me an email.

I’m also trying out a running a D&D adventure collaboratively over Twitter. If you’d like to join us, the thread starts here.

Join us to play other RPGs

These are some other RPGs I’m interested in trying out soon:

  • Ten Candles – a collaborative horror RPG
  • Mouseguard – an RPG about a feudal society made up of mice
  • Valley of Eternity – an RPG about nihilistic penguins
  • Dungeon Crawl Classics – an RPG seeking to rectreate the feel of classic fantasy gaming

If you’re in Melbourne and interested in trying one of these out, send me an email.

Dungeons & Dragons illustrations

During February 2017 I took part in the #DungeonDrawingDudes challenge on Instagram, and afterwards I made all the illustrations available for free. You can find them here.
I have a lot of other illustrations I’ve been doing for my own D&D games, and I expect I’ll make those available at some stage.
I take comissions, so let me know if you’d like me to do some illustrations for your game.

Dungeons & Dragons homebrew

I’ve written a few bits of D&D homebrew to use in my own games, and you can find them here. If you try them out and have feedback for me, please let me know.

A Nice Floral Table – for when your druid asks what palnts are growing nearby
Priviledged Human – background options for 5th Edition humans
Flutterbones – a neutral good undead monster for 5th Edition