50 invoices

In March 2015 I started working as a freelancer. Today I sent off my 50th invoice. I felt like it was important to mark the occassion. At the beginning of 2015 when I started winding back my regular work I felt pretty nervous. Resigning entirely at the end of that year was fairly risky. While it is often much less certain, I really like knowing that I’m doing the work that I should be and knowing that I can find my own work. Thankyou to everyone I’ve been able to work with during that time!

On connections through parcels

As I write this morning I’m on the way off to pack parcels this morning. On Mondays I normally pack parcels for Evan’s online retail business, Rival Sky Games. We’re sending miniatures for gaming to customers around the world, particularly Wings of Glory, Star Wars: Imperial Assault and various Axis and Allies lines. Obviously one of the reasons we do this is because we both need to be earning some money, but I have been thinking about the other reasons for doing the work.

One of the things that immediately comes to mind is that the business connects us with a whole lot of people all over the country and overseas. I also find that playing games is a great excuse to stay in touch with people and maintain connections, as well as make new ones.

When I was talking with Evan about this last week he mentioned that one of the reasons he got into selling games was because he was into the game Wings of War (which is now Wings of Glory), but there weren’t a lot of people into the game in Australia, and so it was hard to find people to play with. (I know what it’s like to have a game you’re really into, but struggling to find other people to play!) For that reason I find it encouraging when I notice two customers in the same city buying the same product, and wonder if they’re friends who’ve both just gotten into the game and will play together?