Notes is better for writing than a word processor

I mentioned yesterday that I’m hoping to publish a post every day, and I’ve managed to do that for about two weeks now, which is the longest I have gone in a while. One of the things I’ve been finding helpful has been choosing to write in Notes instead of writing directly into Tumblr or into a word processor like Apple Pages or Microsoft Word.

As Ernie Smith says in this article from Vice, contemporary word processing software is bloated with distracting features that are actually designed for printing text. All the available options for formatting and aligning text are a distraction from actually getting the writing done. As a solution to this problem software developers have released special minimalist word processors with as few formatting options as possible.

However, I think a better solution probably came free with your computer system. The most straightforward solution for me has been just to use the Apple Notes app on my tablet, and Notepad if I’m using a PC. Once I’ve finished writing I can copy what I’ve written over to Tumblr and format it before scheduling. I’ve been finding that much more efficient.

Do you have a lot of writing to do today? How do you do your writing?